Disc Replacement in the US


Disc Replacement in the US

Many people call us and ask what can’t I get disc replacement in the US or why did my doctor not offer me disc replacement.

You can get disc replacement in the US, but there are several limitations.

The first set of limitations come from the FDA. Since the studies were typically only done on patients with one bad disc the FDA has for the most part limited use of disc replacement in the USA to one disc surgeries.

The second limitation is age, again the FDA only allowed patients under 60 in the trials so the approval only allows for disc replacement surgery for those under 60 years of age.

If these FDA limitations were not enough to eliminate most patients from being offered disc replacement in the US as it turns out many US insurance carriers still consider disc replacement experimental and specifically exclude the disc replacement surgery from payment.

So let’s say you fit within these guidelines and are in fact offered disc replacement, now you must consider your disc replacement options and what type of product you are being offered!

Most disc replacement products approved by the FDA and offered in the US are what we consider outdated. These early free floating ball in socket type disc replacement implants have several draw backs. Surgical complications like implant migrations and implant subsidence were fairly common in early designs. Long term complications like facet joint wear and post op pain are also common due to the unnatural and uncontrolled freedom of motion and fixed center of rotation in these early disc replacement designs.

Due to these limitations fewer than 10 percent of Americans will be offered disc replacement and many will chose to go overseas for safer more advanced disc replacement implants like the Spinal Kinetics M6 Disc Replacement.

Tragically, patients with multiple bad discs, severe loss of disc space, previous surgeries and many other non-medically relevant factors may be excluded from disc replacement surgery in error. Additionally, it is quite likely that single level procedures are often performed when multi-level indications exist, resulting in poor results and risky second surgeries. Multi-level Disc Replacements are performed with great success, and three or four level Lumbar and Cervical disc replacements are quite common.

The Spinal Kinetics M6 Disc Replacement eliminates the complications and long term risks with new technology and design that prevents implant migration and controls motion in a natural way.

Artificial Disc Replacement implants now in use offer greatly improved safety and something called “Quality of Motion” that makes them truly deserve the title “Artificial Disc Replacement”.

What is Quality of Motion
Modern Artificial Disc Replacement technology has come a long way now and thousands of fusion surgeries are being avoided. These improved artificial disc replacement products can now provide a natural “Quality of Motion” unlike any of the early artificial disc replacement implants.

Improved Design

Unlike early artificial disc replacement products, the advanced artificial disc replacements available today have improved end plate attachment design to reduce implant migration and the risk of a revision surgery. These artificial disc replacement products also now have “motion control” to reduce joint hyper-activity which leads to the long term complications and pain caused by those early ball-in-socket type artificial disc replacement products. This joint hyper-activity has been found to stress the facet joints, ligaments, and muscles causing  complications and pain. The new generation artificial disc replacement implants also feature the added safety of shock absorption. This shock absorption will help to prevent injury to adjacent discs and vertebra.

We are now using the breakthrough Spinal Kinetics M6 artificial disc replacement for the Lumbar and Cervical   spine. The Spinal Kinetics M6 is the first artificial disc replacement product to truly deserve the title “Artificial Disc Replacement”. This implant achieves the ultimate goal of replicating the healthy human disc. By providing shock absorption and graded variable motion resistance, the M6 disc replacement works in concert with the remaining human discs, to provide the best possible outcome. This “Quality of Motion” is a major benefit not available in any other disc replacement implant we have seen!

We can now do multi-level artificial disc replacement, lumbar and cervical artificial disc replacement, even fusion with disc replacement hybrid procedures. These solutions come without many of the complications involved with fusion surgery and early artificial disc replacement products, many still in use today.


Learn more about The Spinal Kinetics M6 Disc Replacement here http://www.artificialdiscreplacement.com/index.html

Disc Replacement Wiki Page https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Intervertebral_disc_arthroplasty

Achieve Success And Happiness By Using Positive Affirmations


Success means the achievement of a desired goal or effect. Ultimately, everyone’s approach to success is different. The one thing which is constant, however, is you have total control over how successful you are. Using affirmations for success and happiness can help you increase your success trajectory, so I strongly recommend making affirmations a cornerstone of your success plans.

So what exactly do affirmations for success do? Firstly, these are motivational. If they don't motivate, chances are they won’t be helpful to you in achieving your goals. They also keep the mind focused on your desired goal or outcome. Because of this, they influence your depths of the mind, allowing you to utilize its full power. This power is a thing that's not tangible itself, however it will help you encounter people who can assist you in achieving your goals. They also increase your internal energy, leading you to feel considerably more energetic and positive. They are powerful enough that will help you achieve anything you like in your everyday living.


What are Affirmations?

Whatever your meaning of success is, correctly using affirmations for success is the best way to reprogram yourself to achieve the changes you wish. More often than not the things we say about ourselves are pretty negative. These are negative affirmations. An affirmation is really anything we say or think. Every single word you say or thought you might have can be an affirmation. There are no exceptions. Your thoughts and words are creating your experiences. They are a signal of our core beliefs and our actions are usually based on our beliefs. The actions we opt to take dictate our experiences. When we indulge in negative self-talk, We trap ourselves to a state of inaction. We convince ourselves that we simply cannot really make a difference, that we’re powerless. So using positive affirmations for success will support you as you retrain your mind.

Affirmations for success are sayings you say to yourself to be able to affirm what you want to achieve. To make that clearer, here are one example. Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft, has more cash than any given strength training even desire. He wasn't born rich, and he didn't just pull money from a money tree in the yard. He made a decision to be successful. So he likely used affirmations for success without even knowing he was using them. He would likely have said to himself something like “I will earn 2million dollars in 5 years.” He probably declared that same thing to himself each morning when he awoke. And what went down? His dreams and goals came true. He visualized what he wanted and repeated told himself what would happen. You can find many examples of affirmations for success on YouTube and Facebook.

A great and timeless mind technique you can do to realize anything in your life is usually to possess a positive mindset and do positive self-talk. Many successful entrepreneurs, writers and athletes do this for an edge because it helps them become more driven and motivated to attain a particular goal.


How to Use Affirmations for Success

There is no short-cut to success – it takes effort, commitment, vision and direction. When used correctly, affirmations truly motivate you and help you be successful. Affirmations for success are the best tools you can use to achieve your dreams and goals in life. They are essential for training your mind to believe that you can be successful. They help you draw people who can support your success to you. Repeat them multiple times per day – say them out loud while you’re looking in the mirror, repeat them silently to yourself while you’re driving, write them down on a piece of paper during a break at work, read the written affirmations before going to bed – mix it up! There’s no right way to repeat them. The key is simply that you use your affirmations regularly each day as that’s the key to imprinting the idea of success in your mind. Then you’ll start to believe that there’s nothing impossible for you to achieve. This repetition and variety reinforces your affirmations with as many senses as possible, and helps to ensure their success. So be sure to carve out time for your affirmations to ensure they help you be successful.

Repeating your affirmations regularly does not mean you don’t have to do anything else to achieve your goals. You’ll also need to invest your time and energy in the actions and behaviors that support the successful realization of your desires. It’s the combination of affirmations, positive behavior and action that will support you on the road to success.

Vaping Vs Smoking – Using Vaping To Quit Smoking


What are electronic cigarettes and what are the benefits of using them? Simply put, they are smoke-free, no-mess and no-smell cigarettes that are powered by a rechargeable battery. The little ecigs can be purchased in most convenience stores and drug stores. However, for the best selection and more knowledgeable staff, it is best to visit your local vapor store. Electronic cigarettes look like cigarettes and create the sense of inhaling smoke and blowing it out. Ecigs contain nicotine for the “hit” you would normally get from a cigarette but without the cancer risk. The nicotine keeps cravings for a cigarette under control because you are essentially “smoking”. The ecig feels different, but it mimics all of the behavioral aspects of smoking a real cigarette such as holding the object, inhaling, exhaling, and enjoying the “feel” or experience of actually smoking. Ecigs are the original replacement for smoking. These tiny devices are currently produced mostly by tobacco companies. Different flavors are offered as well as different dosages of nicotine. Most ecigs these days are pretty much disposable since the newer vape cigs came on the market. Ecigs have now moved over for vaporizers and mods (which are enhanced vapes).

Historically, the original ecig was created as a way to quit smoking. Most smokers will attest to the fact that smoking is a dangerously addictive habit and it has been proven to cause cancer, heart disease, and emphysema. Recently, cigarettes have been shown to cause bladder cancer as well. Pretty scary stuff!

When a person has decided to quit smoking, what’s next? It’s time to visit a vape shop. Some are located in malls where you can actually try the product. Many vape stores are on line. The demand is growing in leaps and bounds as the smoking community is changing for the better. Although the general public is still leery of ecigs, vapes and mods, as advertising gets out there and more people are using the products, the mystery about these little devices will disappear.

Ecigs produce an impressive vapor. It looks, feels, and tastes like tobacco smoke. The vapor is created using natural organic vegetable glycerin, organic flavorings and of course nicotine, strength is up to the vape-er (which is you). Smoking an ecig eliminates 4000 chemicals being ingested into your lungs. You can also purchase nicotine free eliquids if you are trying to eliminate that from your body.
To activate your ecig, you simply push a button or take a “puff”. Some electronic cigarettes activate by inhaling. A tiny heater (atomizer or coil) heats the ejuice which then produces the vapor. There are no ashes, no lingering smelly smoke or mess, and no full ashtrays. Just a pleasurable vaping experience.

Not sure where to begin? There are starter kits for the beginner. If you are currently a smoker, you will probably want the tobacco starter kit. They even come in menthol if that’s your preference. Nicotine is calculated for the beginner and gradually increased as you desire. If you don’t want nicotine, the ecigs can be purchased nicotine free. Are you looking for a quick boost, caffeine is now available as well.

The sky is the limit when it comes to flavors of eliguids available. There are new devices on the market and numerous models to choose from. You can purchase disposable electronic cigarettess to see if this is what you want to do and gradually move up to the more sophisticated vapes and mods.

Cost? When you consider what smoking real cigarettes costs and the health risks you take when you smoke, vaping is reasonable in price.

The market is growing as more and more people find out just how pleasurable vaping is and that it can replace cigarette smoking. Stop by a local vapor store (or vape shop) and find out more. A serious vape shop will have knowledgeable counselors on hand to help you with your needs and will show you how to get started. They will answer all of your questions. Considering that over a lifetime, a person can spend thousands of dollars on tobacco smoking just to end up very sick as a result, why not consider vaping?

Visit a vape shop soon. You’ll be glad you did.